Summary of my trip....


No..... Not that kind of trip! I spent 2002 backpacking around the world. I managed

to visit almost 50 countries in the space of 18 months and met lots of great people. Along the way I

kept journals and took pictures.


Initially I had an elaborate plan of where to go and how to do it. But that rapidly

diminished and I pretty much winged it for the rest of the year.  I left traveling with my friend Kelly with the

plan of staying together the entire year but that didn't happen.

Our friendship is still intact but our plans to travel together only lasted a few months.


After the year I moved back to Texas and have been there since, loving the fact that I sleep

in my own bed!


You can read the journals (in reverse order) or look at the pictures using the links below.




Older Pages From Before We Left (includes costs, immunizations, packing list etc..)


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