January 18, 2003

1/18/2003 Austin, Texas, USA (Phill)

1/18/2003 Austin, Texas, USA (Phill)


You read it right, I'm back in Austin. I would write I'm back home, but it doesn't feel that way yet, but it's nice to be here. My trip was pretty easy until I got to Houston. My paperwork in London came through Tuesday morning and I went straight into London and grabbed a flight to Houston.

When I got to Houston it was definately Texas. I guess you forget a lot about the country. The people you meet here are definately friendly and know how to talk. Even just getting from the Airport to the car cark I had a pretty intense wierd talk with the bus guy who refused to pick up a middle-eastern guy just for that reason. It was a bit strange to see that.

Anyway, when I finally got to my car I was met with a flat tire. Great to see after 14 hours of travel with 4 more to go. But the lot guys pumped it up for me and I drove it. I was pretty nervous cause a) I wasn't used to driving and b) I felt my tire could explode at any time. But thankfully it didn't.

Got back here and went to Rob's house and we headed for dinner. Afterwards we went over to Dave and Jeretta's and suprised them. My plan was to track down Geoff and surprise him but the boy proved impossible to get a hold of.

Anyway, I had lots of errands to do to get settled back in, tires replaced on the car, bank accounts etc.. I also needed to find a place to stay more permanently than Rob's couch. That one proved the hardest. None of my friends are moving or need a roommate and I can't afford to get my own place until I start earning money again. So it's an ongiong problem.

I went out that night with a bunch of my friends to my old favorite bar: Gingerman. They're the only place I know in Austin that sells Hoegarden.

Anyway, it's Saturday now, last night Marti and I hung out. It was wonderful to see her so we grabbed some dinner and chatted. I did finally talk to Geoff after failing to surprise him. Basically the boys never home and so it's hard to just show up at his house. So I'll see him for lunch in a couple of hours. Then I think tonight I'll hang out with him and his new girlfriend and perhaps hopefully meet back up with Marti.

Anyway, I'm back, once i get some more permanence and feel les disorientated I'll put an update in here. But by now you should be emailing me and offering to buy me drinks! ;) Thanks for reading this year, it means a lot.

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