January 12, 2003

12/1/2003 London, England (Phill)

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Well, still here. The US Embassy visit was on Friday. The lost paperwork from the US that I had been waiting for had been stuck at Heathrow Airport with DHL. When I called them to find out why it had been sitting at the airport for days they informed me that they didn't have my address. My obvious question was how the heck did it get all the way to London and 20 miles from my house if they didn't have the address. I can;'t imagine it got dropped there by accident! Anyway, it did finally show up the day before my interview. So I organized all the paperwork and waited.

Woke up early Friday morning to get to the embassy with plenty of time. The place is notorious for queues, worse than Disney! Actually it's not their fault, the US is obviously a place in demand for immigrants. Anyway, got there and there wasn't a queue, all the old signs around the building were there. In fact the palce was surrounded by bomb-blast-resistors (big slabs of conrete simmilar to what is placed between the two sides of a highway) but no queue. So that was positive, got in, and handed over my paperwork. Waited about half an hour and I was called. I was actually surprised by the number of people in there. granted it's not the time of the year for students, but I still expected there to be lots of people. It was much quieter than any other time I've been there (granted only once :). Anywya, I got called to the counter for my interview and was pleasently surprised to be face to face with a cute young American girl. That made the whole process easier. I answered her questions and off I went. So hopefully sometime this week I'll be in possession of my visa (and not long after a flight to Houston).

Plan is to wait until then, I'll probably head in to London to meet some of the Aussies. Then as soon as the passport comes through, and assuming everything got approved, I'll be straight over to STA Travel to grab a 130 ($180) flight to Houston. David left my car in long term parking a the airport so I'll be driving staight to Austin.

Fingers crossed.. ps- I saw Gangs of New York today with mum and Chas, I was not impressed.

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