January 04, 2003

4/1/2003 Paris, France (Phill)

4/1/2003 Paris, France (Phill)

Can you believe it's snowing here? I went for Croissants this morning, and by the time I returned it was a snow storm, and now there's about an inch of snow outside. Crazy cool.

Baptism is tomorrow, my grandma's here as is my family. Should be a good time. Clarissa is so big now! And she';s only a month old, must be all this beer I'm giving her. Did I ever tell you that when I was a kid, like many scotish kids, if I cried to much they'd dip my dummy/pacifier in Whisky and give it to me. It'd put you right to sleep! Explains a lot doesn't it...

Enjoy you day

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