January 02, 2003

2/1/2003 Edinburgh & Glasgow (Phill)

2/1/2003 Edinburgh & Glasgow , Scotland (Phill)

New Years was great. Fieke, Chas and myself went through to Edinburgh. It was all a bit last minute and we almost stayed in Glasgow since I didn't have tickets to Edinburgh and I could get them for Glasgow. Then good Old Andy, the Australia
n I met in Finland
, came through with some tickets and another friend came through with a place to stay. I like my friends!

So off we went, hopped on a train to Edinburgh and managed to get met by Andy at the Station. Obviously security was massive especially after the bombing attempts in London the day before. We got to Edinburgh and the main area is all cordoned off for ticket holders. The Castle looks like it's floating up in the sky all light up but pitch dark below. Andy drags us to a pub filled with Aussies and Kiwi's (New Zealand) and we meet his friends. They were actually dead funny, all doing Billy Connoly impressions:

"We know that the Scots came accross from Ireland, but why? "C'mon lads, I know an even colder place, it rains all the time! Just follow the dark cloud..". I must've heard that about 20 times, but it was still funny. Well, through the layer of alcohol it was still funny. I met tons of people. Andy's a totally sound guy, very friendly, although he was kinda playing the father role to his friends, making sure noone got lost etc... It was soooo busy., In fact, if there was one thing bad about the night it was the crowds. Always getting bumped etc... although on a good note it kept you warm, it was freeeeezing. Even snowed on New Years morning.

The night actually took a downturn once we left Andy to go meet back up with my brother and a couple of old family friends. I'm mentioned jennifer and Natascha before. You'll remember that I threw up on Jennifer's carpet a few weeks ago... Anyway, they didn't have tickets to the event so were in a pub nearby.When we went to meet up with them Jen was blitzed, but i was already a bit hesitant to meet her cause last time I thought she was pretty rude to Fieke. This time was no different. Anyway, we grabbed a table and the two of us hung out (since we had been with people since she got there this was nice) and then we eventually headed back to natascha's place to crash. My brother put it well when he said it was like Calcutta in her apartment. People everywhere, bodies everywhere. So me and Fieke crash out in a corner on the floor and after a few minuted Natascha wakes me and says that we can sleep in on of the bedrooms. She was really nice about it since most of the people there were her friends and she came to offer it to us. So of course we accepted and went to the wee room. So trying to get to sleep we can hear shouting in the hallway and it's jennifer, very pissed off, that we're in her room and Natascha and everyone else are trying to get her under control.

Honestly, we were quite happy to go back to the floor but didn't dare go into the hall. Natascha seemed to mediate and opened the door to apoligize, but it was really awkward. So we woke up early with chas having to step accross the bodies and caught out train back to Glasgow. Actually, we all felt fine, not a real hangover in sight, but we had only had a few hours sleep so we were pretty tired.

Anyway, yesteday was kind of a down day, we were all tired and Scotland was exhausted from the night before so there was nothing to do. So we hung out at Uncle Gordon's although I felt a bit guilty that I couldn't entertain Fieke more, but really there was nothing to do. But I could tell that she wasn't enjoying herself and I think we were both thinking about today and saying goodbye, potentially forever, or at least for a long time.

Anyway, we said goodbye and hopefully she's home in Holland right now safe and sound. I really hope we can keep in contact and I hope she'll come visit me whereever I end up. A very sweet girl. Plus she didn't kick my ass and I reckon she could, she's very tall! :)

Afterwards I met up with my best mate over here, bob, and we had a few drinks and talked about our troubles. Then we went and saw a movie "Bowling for Columbine" to get out of the cold. It's all about America's lack of Gun control, more of a documentary than a movie, but still very good.

Chas and I are up early tomorrow to catch trains to Paris for Clarissa's baptism. I put some new pictures on her website by the way so go check them out. (www.clarissafalempin.com)

Be safe.

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