December 31, 2002

31/12/2002 Glasgow, Scotland (Phill)

31/12/2002 Glasgow, Scotland (Phill)

Happy New Years! I ought to say it now cause there's no way I'll be able to in 12 hours time. Plan is to meet Fieke this afternoon and meet up with the group and head into Edinburgh. Edinburgh is definately one of the top places in the world to be, generally rated second after Sydney. 100,000 ticket holders for the main event, but I havn't managed to get tickets yet, although I do have a hook up I'm going to try. Otherwise all the clubs, pubs etc.. will be doing a thing so we can do that.

Managed to survive the British Train system yesterday, took ages to get from London to Glasgow. Although after this year I'm the master at sleeping on demand, so I just slept the trip away. Weather is pretty bloody cold up here, so the jeans and vest i chose to wear perhaps were a bit silly. Need to wrap up for tonight, it'll be subfreezing and so I need something (in addition to the Whisky) to keep me warm. They're expecting snow late in the night and tomorrow morning, woo hoo!

Have a great time whatever you're doing tonight, in Texas you can think of me at 6pm cause it'll be midnight here!

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