December 28, 2002

28/12/2002 Cobham, England (Phill)

28/12/2002 Cobham, England (Phill)

Well, there's good news and bad news. Good first: My Africa
pictures are through. Bad now: Most of them are ruined. Probably a combination of me dropping the camera in the sand after I had already cracked it open on the concrete. But maybe worse when I left all my rolls on top of a really hot radiator for 8 hours.... Yeah, umm sorry bout that.

Go check out the photo pages. I'll get most of the gaps filled in with pictures from other people from my truck. Most of South Africa
is a write off but the pictures wern't too important anyway, still got quite a few from the first Safari to the Serenghetti Plains.

Plans for New Years are simple. Catching a train to Glasgow on Moday with Chas. Spending the night at Uncle G's, then meeting Fieke on New Years Eve in Glasgow before heading accross to Edinburgh for the festivities. Then a hectic few days before taking the train all the way to Paris for Clarissa's bapitism. Then the interview at the US Embassy and hopefully if everything goes okay (goodness only knows) then I'll be on a plane around the 11th to Houston. My car is at the airport there and I'll drive it back to Austin, stay at my friend Rob's at first. Start work on the 13th, and it'll officially be over. You can't wait, can you? You're only reading this in case I quiz you about it, aren't you? :) Have a GRRRRRRREAT New Years (in a Tony the Tiger voice).

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