December 24, 2002

23/12/2002 Moutiers, French Alps

23/12/2002 Moutiers, French Alps (Phill)

Merry Christmas! Okay, so I just got back to London on the Eurostar this morning. Over the weekend Fieke came to Paris to meet up with me and we rented a car to fulfill my wierd goal of being in the snow. Think I was a bit dissapointed that I couldn't go to Canada so since I was in France and they have such great snow there right now.... Anyway, Fieke put up with my wierd idea and came along with me. Of course, she met Clarissa first but we wern't able to kidnap the snowball sized girl to bring her with us.

I rented the worlds smallest car and we drove the 8 hours to get there. I followed Ben to the highway and it was supposed to be pretty easy: "When I turn off, just go straight onto the highway and follow signs for Lyon" (in a french accent) :) Well, we got on the highway and confident me decided it was about time to tell a story frommy childhood (anyone who has ever taken a long trip with me is probably pitying Fieke right now..). Except I started telling this one where me and Kelly got blown off the road while returning from New Mexico skiing (I actually wokeup to find the car crashed off the road into snow and a rather shaken Kelly behind the wheel). Somewhere near the middle of the story I saw a sign on a neighbouring highway pointing to Lyon.. Dammmit! I had missed the exit! I was still actually a bit shaky driving in France (they're INSANE! on the roads). So this little hiccup didn't help! Anyway, we lost about 45minutes tring to get back on the 'Lyon' road...

We finally got to our hotel in moutiers and checked in, after 8 hours in the world's smallest car, but we hadn't killed each other. I think Fieke came close when i was chanting 'snow!snow!snow!snow!' as the Alps came into view! I was a bit hyper active!

We went to the resort the next day and since I couldn't ski cause of my twisted knee we took the ski lift up the mountain to drink hot wine and hot chocolate while watching all the snowboarders fall. I felt like a bit of a dork walking off the ski lift surrounded by well dressed skiiers, who were skiing. I was wearing a nice pair of jeans and doc martins... So...

Anyway, it was a really nice retreat away from the real world to see how the other half lives... We had a great time, returning to paris was only 5 or so hours, much better without all the silly french traffic. I swear you would sit in traffic jams for half an hour for NO reason. no wreck, no roadworks, nothing. Frustrating, but I played a game of 'flick off the dutch cars' while Fic played the same game with british cars. Don't think she was as entertained by it as me! i think I'm still 10 at heart.

Last night we got back to paris and I gave my sister and ben their Christmas presentand we went shopping getting home at midnight.

Anyway, we parted this morning at gare Du Nord in paris as I got on the train. I was sad to see her go, mainly cause we can't figure out what to do if I end up going back to America (I have an interview at the embassy on the 7th). It's pretty stressful but we'll figure it out. I don't think she'll fit in my hang luggage to smuggle her back to America, but I'm willing to try! :)

Anywya, in London now at my mum's getting ready for Christmas. She's well stocked up on Irn-bru ( so things are looking good!

Have a great Christmas, thanks for all your emails etc..

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