December 10, 2002

10/12/2002 Glasgow, Scotland (Phill)

10/12/2002 Glasgow, Scotland (Phill)

Eugh, I've had a hangover for three days! These journal entries really aren't very exciting, are they. At least in this one I manage to throw up all over a nice new carpet, that ought to entertain you for a wee while.

Yup, on Saturday night I went out with a few friends to a club called The Shed. My best friend over here, Robert, works there so I was think, "free drinks!". But by the time I got there I really should've been thinking "no drinks". But I think i was pissed off at my liver that night and I felt it deserved to be punished. So here we are at this club, me refusing to dance (of course) so I opted just to drink and check out the girls dancing. I'm a total failure when it comes to clubs. At least in a bar I can pretend to have a decent Scottish accent and chat girls up with that (the scottish accent isn't quite as unique in Scotland though...) but when it comes to clubs I'm no good. Anyway, so I track bob down working at the bar, but he's pretty overwhelmed with all the demanding Glasgweigans, so I barely say hi before I opt to leave him alone. I do, of course, return to find more drinks being bought. The Scots are very very good at the rounds system, everyone buys rounds so you end up drinking perhaps more than you would normally just to get your money's worth.

Being the smart (and cheap) guy that I am my theory is always to buy the first round cause that way when the late people come you don't have to buy drinks for them but they have to buy them for you. I know I know you're thinking Cheap Bastard! but I was hanging out with Doctor's and Lawyers, I'm technically unemployed :) Okay, okay, I'm making excuses, I'm cheap.

Anyway, so the whole night I just kept returning to find more drinks or shots. When I mix drinks and shots I throw up, it's a consistent rule that I've never totally appreciated. So I get fed some drink called Aftershock which is cinnamon. Not good. But I feel okay, I'm still not drunk enough to get dragged onto the dance floor though. So the club closes at 3 or something, we all head out. I'm with two girls, Marie-Claire and Jennifer (an old family friend) but I decide I'm hungry. So I find a fish and chip shop neaby and order a black pudding supper (blood sausage and chips for the non brits). In retrospect I can understand this being a bad combination.......... We get back to Jens and I go into the spare room and off to sleep. The spare room is right next to the bathroom, all you have to do is step out the door and turn right into the bathroom. Seems easy, yeah? No! At some point during the night I wake up and realize I'm going to be sick, I exit the room and turn left. Not good, it's like a bloody volcano. And black greasy chunks go all over the new carpet (you needed that graphical description, right?). I realize that most bathrooms don't have a sofa in them and therefore I'm in the wrong room, but I don't make it to the bathroom by the time the second eruption arrives...........

Somehow Jen manages to sleep through all this, so I try and clean the mess up but the food is so greasy that it just kind of rubs into the carpet. So I do what all guys would do, I go back to bed. it's a lovely scene in the morning when Jen awakes to find the presents I left her. And then there's me with the worlds worst hangover. It manages to last all day.

Okay, on top of this I had recently signed onto a british alumni web site to try and track down some of my friends that I hadn't seen since I left Scotland to originally move to America. I did a terrible job at keeping in contact (read: I didn't keep in contact) and I've always regretted it. So i used the website and managed to get in contact with my best mate from Holyrood and arranged to meet him that night at a bar. God I didn't want to drink, my headache seemed to intensify as the day went on. I ended up having dinner at jennifer's parents house (The Tilstons) and got to endure 2 hours of puke-related comments. They're a lovely family and always look after me when I come over so it was nice to see them. I kinda wish I had taken Fieke to meet them too, a real scottish family, plus their house has a great view of Celtic park! So I end up meeting with Andy have a few beers, definately good to see him, really. We'll be keeping in contact, I think we both kinda regretted our lapse.

yeah so that's Sunday, but it's not over. On monday it was Robert's birthday. In addition it was the night before Uncle Gordon (whose house I'm staying in) returns from America. Colin and I have done a great job at making the house look like a tornado swept through (in fact it might have, we wouldn't know!). So we both had to tidy the place up last night. bob and I had pretty much agreed that neither of us really could be bothered drinking but I said if he changed his mind just call me and I'd show up. My head still raging, he does indeed call. I was a bit reluctant to go out, but it was his birthday so there was no way I could say no. It turned out to be a great decision, Bob's a brilliant guy, i never see too much of him when I come over and i regret that. When he phoned me to say he wanted to go out I was just settling down to watch a movie with Col. So i called a taxi and had 4 minutes to get ready. I just pulled on a green shirt and wore the khaki's I was wearing, pulled on my old tatty leather jacket and headed out. I found bob and we caught a taxi to where a lot of bars and clubs are. it really was a great night. Nothing significant happened, well, some girl told Bob that she thought I had terrible dress sense and I got really really drunk again. not good. I suppose since I'm getting to the end of my trip (and my journal entry I hear you praying) I'm less inhibited about wasting time getting drunk.

Certainly I've got drunk quite a few times this year, but really you kind of have to. I'm sure you could say no, but since I was travelling by myself for some of the time, it's a good way to meet people. People in your dorm will tell you their plans for the night and invite you along and so you go, if only for the company. I've met some brilliant people this year and so I think it's the right thing to do. basically everynight or two you'll end up out, rarely out long enough to get drunk, just one or two beers to be social. But occasionally it did go further, always only when I felt it was safe (getting drunk in a foreign city is never a good idea unless you're sure you can get home safely and not sold into slavery on the way back to the hostel!).

This is far to long. The other significant thing is the update on Fieke and I. There isn't really one, we're both still trying to figure out how to handle the situation we're in. Obviously both really liking each other, but since there's a decent chance I'm going back to America I think we're both aprehensive about what to do then. i won't delve into the details and I'm sure you can figure out the basic problems for yourself.

heading to London tomorrow on the train to see my mum. I'm really excited and my sister might even be coming accross with ben and Clarissa (my neice!) and that would be awesome. I'm going to check Canada prices for a week, but my doctor did advise me against snowboarding on my knee (no surprise) but if I can find a cheap enough deal then I'll be on the plane to hang out. But if no it's okay cause i need to slow my spending until I'm sure that I can get back to a job in America and recharge my bank account. I'm still underbudget so travelling longer is an option, but i doubt I'll do that. The only place i still want to go is South America and I need to take some Spanish lessons before doing that. Maybe in a few years, who knows.

That's it! my hands hurt (from all the TYPING Rob, nothing else!)

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