December 4, 2001

Phillip is currently in Paris

Phillip is currently in Paris (while I'm still in Austin) getting ready for his sister's wedding which takes place on Saturday, the 8th. I am sure it is going to be absolutely beautiful. I am totally ready to get myself over there. He emailed me at 2 in the morning France Time yesterday telling me about all the cool sights. Hurry up Dec. 28th...where are you!


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December 12, 2001

London, England (Phillip) Okay, okay,

Click here for Pictures from the uk"

Okay, okay, since I've sent a billion emails in the past few days I might as well post a journal. Kelly's still in the States working her butt off, but I managed to escape a few weeks ago. After a great going away party and an insane hangover/intense 24hrs of packing I made it on a plane to Paris. My sister was getting married to a French boy, Benoit, in Versailles. The week up to the wedding was just insane, a million random jobs and my very crappy french proved to be quite stressful. But I have to admit that it was an amazing time, the people and the wedding were great. The French/English thing posed a small problem, but nothing that alcohol didn't fix. Now the fact that the French Air Controllers decided to strike the day before the wedding, that caused some extra headaches, it all worked out.

So there I am, all kilted up with my brothers for an amazing wedding. Lots of kilts, bagpipers and, of course, whisky! Great times. The reception was great too. My family all had to give a speech and so as a way of bridging the language barrier, I brought my laptop with home videos of Felicity when she was young and lots of embarassing pictures. I pieced these together into a speech, titled: "The Top Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't Have Married My Sister". I thought it went great, granted, my sister glared at me the whole time, but if you ignore that bit :)

Anyway, back in London now. Trying to find cheap flights to see the Bjork concert in Iceland. if not I'll probably go skiing in Scotland before Christmas. Looking forward to wee Kelly getting here, I think I'm in withdrawl, you get so used to seeing someone every day! The plans for New Years (with Kelly in Scotland) are falling into place. There's a massive celebration in central Glasgow (New Years is Scotlands favorite holiday, where do you think Auld Lang Sang was written??). So we'll probably be out in the cold weather watching some massive bands play with lots of Scots. Will be a great time, why aren't you here??? :)

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December 27, 2001

soon-to-be Glasgow, Scotland (Kelly) Well

soon-to-be Glasgow, Scotland (Kelly)

Well the time has finally come...I am leaving for the sunniest country on the planet in just over 12 hours. I hope I have everything that I am supposed to bring! I feel extremely paranoid that I'm going to forget something. Over the last few weeks and might I say days, Phillip and I have been scrambling around on the phone and on email trying to get all of our last minute things taken care of. I might add that he owes me big time!! "Can you buy some batteries...I used all of ours for the wedding! Can you get our party pictures developed so I can put them on the web? Can you take care of the traveler's checks? The greatest one of all...Can you bring my Banana Republic hat to me...I bought it and had it shipped to your house (this has a big please next to it!)" I'm most afraid I'm gonna forget something of his that I know I'm gonna forget something of mine..."I have OCD right now, please help!"

It has been most interesting preparing for this trip...I remember about a year and a half ago when we started planning this trip. We put together a notebook entitled 'The World at a Glance in 2002.' When I brought this notebook home to show my mother she rolled her eyes and sort of laughed...she obviously didn't take us seriously. But as time went on and we fulfilled our vaccination requirements, got ourselves certified in scuba Diving, and started purchasing our gear, reality slowly set in. For the last 6 months this trip has been the focal point of 99% of my conversations...I'm almost beginning to feel that my friends don't think I have any thing else that is interesting going on in my life other than this trip. You know I do have a life...well I did!! Then the bomb shells started hitting!! Around October both my friends and Phillip's, my family and Phillip's started talking like the world was coming to an end..."Please don't go here because...don't go here because..." and so on! To put anyone at ease that is about to develop heart problems over us leaving...I promise we will not go anywhere that danger is prominent, ie, the Middle East and as of now Argentina. As for everthing else, we will keep our eyes and ears pealed...we will keep you informed of our whereabouts at all times, PROMISE!!

As for the few short days that I will be in Glasgow and London, which I am really looking forward to, I plan on getting a quick tour from Phill and his mother, or mum as he calls her. (Those Europeans...always changing the pronunciation) We will be spending New Year's in Glasgow, which I am sure will be celebrated with the finest Scotish Whiskey, and then we are driving to London where Maureen (Phill's mom) is going to give me a one-day-tour of London. Being the sweet lady that she is also bought Phill and I theatre tickets to see 'Les Miserables.' I have a feeling that this is going to be the last luxurious experience before we head to the Australia

January 5th and begin our year know I honestly have no idea what to expect. I'll let you know how it goes, don't worry!! The next time you hear from us we'll most likely be in the can still go you know!

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December 29, 2001

Glasgow, Scotland (Kelly) Well, I'm

Glasgow, Scotland (Kelly)

Well, I'm here and alive. My plane ride was interesting, however. I sat next to a lesbian couple and I'm assuming they were around my age. They were friendly and a bit weird at the same time. They definitely posed as the "man" and the "lipstick lesbian"..... but whatever. Phillip and Maureen greeted me as I got off the plane, and after I got through immigration. I was greeted with a cup of coffee and two giant hugs. I got to sit in the front seat of the car, which is definitely not unusual, but do keep in mind that I was sitting on the "wrong side" to not be driving. I felt like I needed to grab the steering wheel, which wasn't there!

I got a nice tour, saw Phillip's old house and high school. We finally arrived at the Tilston's house, Anna-Mary and Ian.... lovely couple! Their house is an old-turn-of-the-century, Victorian home. It has "icing" on the ceilings- It's absolutely beautiful. Anna-Mary cooked some croissants (pronounced crow-sonn) with jam and a classic cup-of-tea. I chatted with Alan, the long tortured younger brother of two older sisters (Jennifer and Natasha, I havenít met Natasha yet).

I learned what a hot-water-bottle was: thought I knew..... not even close. I wanted to take a nap, considering I slept maybe two hours on the plane, so Anna-Mary made me a hot water bottle to help me go to sleep. This blue-pouch-thing (looks like a rectangular whoopi cushion) is filled with hot water and plugged. You put it under your sheets to keep your feet warm. It worked wonders, considering the bed I slept in was next to window and a bit drafty. After I woke up I took a nice shower, which felt great. Then I went downstairs to join the rest of the world. I met Jennfier, who is the eldest daughter of the Tilstons, Chas (Phill's older brother), Ian Tilston and Phillip.

I got my first taste of a Celtic Scottish Football game, however in all the excitement I fell asleep. Anna-Mary fixed us all snacks..... must've been Scottish, Toasted Cheese and Tomato. Interesting but satisfying. Gotta go... Dinner is in 10 minutes!

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