January 1, 2002

Glasgow, Scotland (Phillip) So here

Click here for pictures from New Years:

So here we are: Sunny Scotland in all its glory. Well, actually, Scotland is rarely remembered for its weather, but rather the drinking... And we came on the biggest drinking day of the year! Scotland takes it's New Years celebration VERY seriously. In fact I think all the regular drinking throughout the year here is simply practice for New Years!

The plan was to go out to the Glasgow city-center where 150,000 of our closest drinking buddies were hanging out. There were stages set up for different music tastes. In the end though, Jennifer, Chas, Kelly and I went to a rather yuppie bar called The Strata. As we walked in (11pm or so) the place was PACKED... Luckily Jennifer knew the manager and we got to go up to the private area that overlooked the rest of the bar. We had lots to drink (in Kelly and Jennifer's case, far too much!) and partied the night away. Did all the regular Scottish New Years songs with the rest of the bar (national anthem, auld lang sang (written by a Scot) etc..). A fabulous time. At the 'Bells' Kelly tried to make it a habit to kiss everyone she came in contact with. Luckily this is tradition over here so she didn't earn herself too bad of a reputation (but the photographs soon to be on this site will let you make up your own mind!)

On the walk home Kelly and Jennifer made it a habit to kiss the ground in some wierd ritualistic drunken fashion. Kelly even has a neat battle scar from the walk home. Gotta admit, walking along a perfectly flat, level and well lit road can be hazardous?!?! By this point we had run out of film so I can't embarass her too much. The highlight for me (apart from basically carrying Jennifer and/or Kelly for 2 hours on the 'walk' home) was finding a 20 note on the ground. I think it's God's way of rewarding me for putting up with such female abuse!

Tomorrow we will go and try and do some toursity things around Glasgow. It's terribly cold just now though, so it might be a whirlwind tour! On Thursday we're driving back down to London with my mum (an 8 hour drive). Will spent a day touring London and then in the evening we're going to see 'Les Miserables' in London's famous West End. Surely followed by some frantic repacking of our backbacks for the flight the following day!

We're getting pretty excited that the trip is about to really get underway. The Australia

will be our first destination where we're on our own and having to fend for ourselves. I doubt that we can get ourselves into much trouble while we're lazing on beaches. With Kelly you never know what might happen next since she has an amazing ability to knock things over! So if you're sitting at work and you hear that the Leaning Tower of Pisa has collapsed, it seems likely that Kel was nearby! Off to bed now.

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January 4, 2002

London, England (Kelly) Hey guys...okay,

London, England (Kelly)

Hey guys...okay, I'm going to make this short and sweet because Phillip and I have to catch a flight tommorow to the Cook Islands
and I have to go to bed. I don't feel too terribly bad because we just arrived here yesterday evening (we drove approx. 8 hours from Glasgow)...so obviously we didn't do much here (this time around.) Maureen (Phillip's mom) did take us to see 'Les Miserables' tonight in London and for the 2nd time to see it it was fantastic as always. We did tour around a bit...mostly ran errands...but I just can't handle the cold so we were indoors for most of the day!! I know I'm a woose (sp?)

Just to let you know we added a couple of links to our website that might be of interest. They are under the journal section...current weather and time of the location where we are. So as you can probably read we are headed to the Cooks tommorow...did I mention that we have a travel time of about 23 hours...and yes I am absolutely thrilled about this one! (Can you read into my sarcasm?) So anyways...see you in the Cooks!!

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January 6, 2002

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

(Phillip & Kelly)


So after enduring an unending couple of flights from one side of the planet to the opposite (literally!) we made it! Air New Zealand gave us a preview of what New Zealand might be like, pretty old fashioned with no frills. However, we did make it to the Cook Islands main airport at Rarotonga an hour early! Unfortunately, our hostel rep didn't! Sat around and waited for them, no big deal, it was only 5 in the morning.....

Once we got to our hostel it's pretty good. We've got our own room (for now) met some nice folks from all over. The main mode of transport around the island is scooter. Absolutely no-one seems to be in a rush. In fact, while walking here (to the Internet Cafe) we were passed by two older ladies driving their scooters side-by-side chatting away!

The hostel is a short path from Muri Beach. Water is lovely and crystal clear but also flat calm. The whole island is surrounded by a reef that protects the inner shores from the Pacific Ocean. We walked around a bit today, wandered around the beach, swam a little and basically just relaxed. In fact, that seems to be the biggest tourist attraction on the island... just relaxing! I think Kelly and I both deserve it after enduring all the advice you folks have bestowed upon us! :)

Plan for the next few days (we fly out on Friday?) is to relax. Think we might rent scooters and go explore the island. You can see lots of pictures on the Cook Islands web site (including where we're staying at the Aremango Guest House at www.ck). We're also planning on Snorkelling and perhaps taking a guided tours of some of the sights. We'll break that up with lots and lots of sleep!

Hope all is well, more soon...Look for some pictures of this amazing place in about two weeks.

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January 8, 2002

Rarotonga, Cook Islands (Kelly and Phill)

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

1/7/2002 (Kelly)
Today Phillip and Ed, an English boy who is also staying in Aremango Guesthouse, left this morning at 8:00 to go rent a motor bike. I was going to go but due to the damn roosters that started crowing at 4:00 this morning, I opted for more sleep instead. Rarotonga has wild roosters running all over the place, which tourists are allowed to kill and eat (free chicken!) I personally wanted to kill them all myself this morning! So the guys returned at about 10:30 to pick me up and I got on the back of Phillip's newly rented motor bike. He is quite excited about it...in fact he even got his Cook Islands motorcycle license. We headed down the road towards town. I needed to go to the local post office so we drove around for a few minutes trying to find it. We stopped for lunch and I bought a sarong form a local shop. We got back on the motorbike and headed for a water-fall that looked like it was straight from a postcard...got a couple of pictures of it. On the way back my hat blew off and so I had to run down the road to get it. As I got back on the bike my leg hit the exhaust pipe...as Rarotongan's like to say, I now have a "Rarotonga tatoo" on the inside of my right calf (it's a burn.) The pipe was so dang hot...I just pray that it doesn't blister because it is extremely red.

1/8/2002 (Phillip)
So even though the Cook's are famous for great weather, today it actually rained, briefly. We were in the town and on the motorbike. So I thought it'd be a good idea to NOT ride in the rain, of course, Kelly, crazy as she is thought it might be fun to ride in the rain. Now, I didn't think about it at the time but since I'm driving and Kelly is clinging on behind me she is fully protected from the rain, me on the other hand, I was pretty much an anorak.

Anyway, we've met lots of nice people here. It's amazing the diversity of it all. However, we felt quite unique in travelling for a year, until we got here, although it seems like most of the other year long travellers are finishing their trip here in the Cook's. It seems like they all needed rests after a difficult year of travel! Maybe we'll have to come back by here on our way home, in fact that would be a lovely present from our mothers :)

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January 10, 2002

Nadi, Fiji (actually Jan. 11)

Nadi, Fiji (actually Jan. 11)


Right, okay so our first day in Fiji basically sucks. We left Rarotonga this morning (or should I say yesterday morning.... since we crossed the International Date Line) at 6:30am and flew to Nadi, Fiji. Compared to our last flight this was nothing, a whopping 3 hours 20 minutes. Once we arrived at the amazingly technologically (lacking) airport we stood in line and waited for all the international passengers to filter through the lone immigration officer. Lots of fun! Thankfully there was a driver waiting for us when we left the airport who took us to our pre-booked accomidation. Not so thankfully our pre-booked accomidation was one of the scariest places we've ever seen in our lives! Once we saw the sign-in list of the others staying in the hostel we immediately decided to change our reservations from a dorm room to a private air-conditioned room. Another confidence booster was the US State Department warning taped to the window warning US Citizens to be extra careful (this was extra-comforting for my Canadian travel partner, Kelly! :)

When we decided to go for a walk and buy some lunch, things definately didn't feel right. As we were walking down the street people kept trying to initiate conversations with us. We also noticed that we were the only white people on the street that we could see. Harldy reassuring since we knew that the 'Backpacker' areas are considered to be safe. Now we knew from reading that Nadi is not the best place in Fiji but we had only planned on using this as a base to travel to the nicer areas. The plan was to stay here two days and in that time book onward travel within the islands. By the second restraunt that we looked at we had decided that we had to leave as soon as we could! We did notice some other Westerners (also being harassed by young guys trying to coerce them into some store or deal).

Anyway, we found a Tourist Information Booth and the first thing the lady suggested was to get out of Nadi! We grabbed some flyers. The Fiji everyone knows is actually a picturesque image of beaches and resorts, that's where we're headed. We found a travel agency and booked the remainder of our Fiji trip (7 days) on an island called Robinson Crusoe Island. Basically it sits right below our $30/day budget (each) but includes all food (but not alcohol!) and activities. We'll probably add on a scuba dive also since we had always planned on Diving in Fiji. We even met some nice other backpackers frantically trying to get out of Nadi too.

It's amazing the variety of people we're meeting. We spent our time inthe Cook Islands hanging out with people from England, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and New Zealand. Everyone was really friendly and all of us did activities with each other. It's still quite strange to meet people who come and go in a moments notice. We did get Ed's (English boy) email address and we'll meet up with him in Aukland and Sydney.

So we're off to the Island tomorrow morning at 11:30am. Kelly thinks there will be internet, but I'm of the impression that we'll be out of contact for a week. So don't worry. When we get back we should be able to post our pictures from New years in Scotland for your entertainment! Also, we mailed the Cook Islands
rolls yesterday, so they should be up in three weeks.

We're really having a great and educational time. We haven't killed each other *yet*, in fact we're getting along pretty well. There's still ups and downs but since we're not spending every waking moment together it's working out well. The only annoying thing is that darn Canadian accent! :) More soon, internet is terribly slow here so it's Kelly's turn to check her email!

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January 16, 2002

Nadi, Fiji (phillip) Hi guys,

Nadi, Fiji (phillip)


Hi guys, just a quick update because getting to email has been very difficult! We survived Nadi, actually things got quite a bit better. We never went back to that hostel, the island was pretty good. Met a lovely English couple and have been spending lots of time with them and we're even going to try and do New Zealand together. Kel picked up some American boys on their way back to the States and the 6 of us rented a mini-bus and drove over Fiji. Lots of fun, drove up to the highest peak, got a flat tire and then discovered the spare wasn't exactly roadworthy. This trip is definitely not short for excitement. Kel and I also went scuba Diving today on the reef, truly amazing stuff. Sharks, ship-wrecks, caves, jelly fish.... nothing like Lake Travis (the only place Kelly and I had dived until now)!

We're both really looking forward to NZ, should be lots of fun, but most importantly.... FASTER INTERNET! I'm very tired of slow connections...

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January 18, 2002

Aukland, New Zealand (Kelly) (actually

Aukland, New Zealand (Kelly) (actually the 19th)

We made it to New Zealand early this morning after waiting in the Nadi Airport for 8 hours. I took a 4 1/2 hour nap when we got here considering I didn't get but maybe an hour sleep while on the plane. We just met back up with Jayne and Robert, the English couple we met back in Fiji. They are going to be here for two weeks so we decided that it would be more fun to travel together. Okay...now it's time to back track to Fiji...I know many of you back home are probably wondering what we have been up to for the past week...actually, quite a bit.

I actually have a million journal entries from the week but fortunately I am only going to pick out the highlights so you guys back home don't get totally bored.

BULA from Fiji! This means Hello, Nice to see you, Good bye...any form of a greeting!
We went to the island of Robinson Crusoe today...thought it was going to be the picturesque image of Fiji however, due to the rainy season, the waters had been turned up which made it a lovely brown color with lots of debris on the beach...we were actually a little bit taken from this. We had originally booked 6 nights here but we only stayed 2. I think we would have gotten "island fever" if we had stayed any longer. We had a blast though. We met some lovely people...two American boys and a couple from England that we actually traveled with for the rest of the week (all 4 of them.) The island consisted of sand volley ball, which I did play and made a complete embarrasment of my self. The ball rolled into the ocean from a foul ball and I went to chase it down, fell in a hole and face planted...this is what I call a classic "Kelly" move...everyone back home should know what I'm talking about :-) We took part in a traditional Kava ceremony, which is a narcotic grown, aged, and crushed into a powder (illegal back home) which is then mixed with water. Looks like a soupy mud water mix...let me tell you...it tasted as bad as the description! The islanders performed some native Fijian dances with lots of vine wrapped around their stomach and heads...looked like a Hawaiin Hula dance if you ask me.

On Sunday we wound up going to a Methodist Church service in a small village. This was definitely an educational and cultural experience. The chuch was one room with wooden pews that very easily came off the floor. The walls were painted teal and the alter was decorated in white "doily" looking cloth. The men sat behind all of the women and the children sat on the opposite side of everyone else. The service was done in Fijian so of course we couldn't understand anything but the music tunes seemed to be pretty similar to the one't back home. After the service we all went back to a lady's home that was a member of the church to wait for the bus to take us back to Robinson Crusoe. She gave us some juice and cake while we sat on the floor and watched a "football" game. We returned to the island and went for a quick snorkel beyond the reef that surronded the island...it was fun other than the stupid sea lice that kept biting everyone. This was pretty much it for the two days on the island before we headed back to Nadi.

Chris and Rody (the American boys), Jayne and Robert (the English couple), and Phillip and I rented a minibus for the next two days...we like to call it the "Magic Mystery Bus"...there were definitely some adventures to be had over the next couple of days. We toured around the majority of the island over the next two days...went to see some sand dunes, an actient fort where canabalism took place, went to Suva (the capital of Fiji), saw some markets (these reminded me of Mexico markets...lots of very pushy sales people), drove into the mountains where again I made an idiot of myself (you'll see the picture), and got a flat tire. This was definitely a fun little adventure.

Phillip and I made our first ocean dive today...scuba style, off the coast of Nadi Bay. We loaded onto a boat and went out about 30 minutes, strapped on our gear, and dove backwards into the sea. The under water life was amazing. We saw a baby shark under a coral, lots of beautiful fish, a yacht wreck, swam through some caves (we didn't know we were certified to do this but it was very cool), saw a sunken light house, petted some really slimy sea animals that were attached to the coral, and of course took some pretty crazy pictures...can't wait for more...next dive will be the Great Barrier Reef in Ausi.

Well, this is all for now...we just arrived in New Zealand and will be here for the next 3 weeks. We will be in touch!

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January 24, 2002

All Over, New Zealand (Kelly)

All Over, New Zealand (Kelly)

I am posting these right out of my journal so you are getting my
thoughts on a daily basis!

Jayne, Robert, Phill, and myself went to a pub on the evening of the
19th and planned out the next two weeks of our trip. Don't ask me
what we are doing, I didn't really have anything to do with the
planning process. We rented a car and I do know right now we are
headed for a town called Rotorua which are famous for their thermal
waters, geysers, and mud pools! We are spending approximately 4
nights in the North Island and then taking a ferry across to the
South Island to spend the remainder of our trip there (NZ of course.)

On our way to the Kiwi Paka YHA Hostel we stopped at a ZORB park in
Rotorua. I had no idea what this was until I read about it. The
Zorb looks like a giant golf ball that literally rolls down a huge
hill while you are inside of it. There are two different Zorbs you
can do...a harnessed Zorb where the zorbanaut is safetly harnessed
inside before being sent downhill rolling head over heals or the
hydro zorb. This is the "wash cycle." 1-3 people are inside the
Zorb, no harness, with a bucket of warm water. You just run, flip,
slip, and somersault your way down the hill. Jayne and I signed up
for "hydro-zorb." Boy was this one a scream! Infact, Nickalodeon
was there setting up to film the next day.

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1/21/02 Rotorua to Taupo The

1/21/02 Rotorua to Taupo


The four of us packed up the car this morning from the Kiwi Paka YHA
and headed for Taupo but before we did we stopped at Wai-O-Tapu in
Rotorua. This is a thermal wonderland, as it's called, filled with a
colorful volcanic area. Actually NZ sits on the youngest fault line
in the world. We walked around for about an hour and fifteen minutes
looking at "boiling water" in various locations...some in craters,
some in geysers, much of it in big sulfer lakes. The place reminded
me of Yellow Stone National Park with Old Faithful. We then drove
about five minutes down the road to a huge boiling mud pool. Really
it looked like a lake of mud that was spewing big brown bubbles out
of the ground. On our way back to the hostel we stopped at a dam
located on the Aratiata River. I was wondering for the first ten
minutes or so why we where there. We pulled up and all these
spectators were crowded around on a bridge over looking the dam. It
wasn't until the bell rang and the dam walls rose that I understood
the significance the rushing water had. The dam releases water twice
daily and is used to supply energy to the surrounding areas. The
water just strarted pouring out millions and millions of gallons.
The river rose at least 30 feet...I'm probably way off on this figure
as well.

After this we were starving so we decided to go shopping and get
sandwich stuff and some chicken breasts for a BBQ. We rested up a
bit and then stuffed our bellies and then drove to Huka Falls (a huge
water fall) at Waikato River...right out of a movie; it was

We ended the day by going down to the lake, playing a round of
chicken war, of course Phillip and I lost, and lounging around on the
grassy knoll to play a game of scrabble...life is sooo rough!

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1/22/02 Wellington We arrived in

1/22/02 Wellington

We arrived in the thriving metropolis of Wellington, the capital of
New Zealand, after about a six hour car ride...I swear we have
definitely gotten the scenic tour of NZ over the last few days!
Wellington didn't really have any special feel to it...just another
big city...Starbucks on every other corner. We did, however, jump on
the famous cable car and road it until we got to the Cable Car
Museum. We toured around a bit with only a half hour before they
closed but it was enough time. The place was pretty small. Before
we got back on the cable car to return back to the area we were
staying in we took a little break by sitting down (or laying, which
ever was preferred) on a hill top over looking some landscape with a
bunch of houses on it. It literally looked like a background that
was painted though. We were sitting in the hills so it was a
continous series of hills...beautiful!

We went to see a movie at night, "Lord of the Rings," in a theater
that was promoting only this feature. We purchased our tickets and
never before had I heard of assigned seates for a movie theater but
they have 'em, row M seats 35-38. The theater looked like an old
musical theater...you know the elaborate ceilings and such...and they
sell alcohol at the theater which you can bring in as well! Rob was
all over this. "This is sooo cool!" kept coming out of his mouth.

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1/23/02 Wellington to Kaikoura We

1/23/02 Wellington to Kaikoura
We toured around the Te Papa Museum in Wellington this morning before
catching our 2:00pm ferry to the South Island. Learned much about
the fault line and tectonic plate that NZ sits on which causes the
volcanoes and earthquakes that NZ has experienced in its lifetime.
Then it went on about people that have migrated to NZ and the history
and stories behind it all. I didn't know, which wa soon learned, is
that NZ is made up of a fairly large Dutch population. After WWII
Holland was over populated and therefore didn't have enough work for
every one. NZ was desperate for labour workers so the two countries
make a deal for the Dutch to migrate and become permanent citizens of
NZ. This helped both countries in their needs.

We arrived at the ship dock about 1:40 for our 2:00 departure to the
South Island. We boarded what I thought looked like a miniture
cruise ship which became our home for the next 3 hours. What I found
to be really funny though is they brought on a mass load of sheep
that were visible to the passengers. Of course they were all pinned
up but they sure did bring a stinch to the air if you know what I
mean. We chilled out for the most part in the cabin sitting next to
a window playing scrabble and whist (a card game.) These games have
definitely become the favorite to pass time.

We arrived in a small town called Picton, picked up another rent car
and drove to Kaikoura for the night. We went out to a pub, met a few
of the locals that volunteered to take us over the mountains tommorow
morning. Supposedly no one ever goes because it's too difficult to
get to.

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1/24/02 Kaikoura to Christ Church

1/24/02 Kaikoura to Christ Church

For the following 5 postings you might want to skip down to the 'All Over, New Zealand' post, or they'll be out of order.

Well we wound up not going to the mountains because there was some
really heavy fog. Kaikoura sits right on the east coast so you get
the sea water fog. It actually turned out to be okay...we walked up
the rocky coast and went seal watching. There were a few basking and
a few swimming...so cute, though!

After lunch we once again loaded into the car and drove to Christ
Church. This is another big city...nothing new! We are leaving for
Dunedin in the morning. This is an old Scottish town which
means "out side toilet..." Phillip seems to think that it is Celtic
for Edinburgh...I personally think he just doesn't want to fess up!

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January 26, 2002

1/26/2002 Queenstown, New Zealand Phillip

1/26/2002 Queenstown, New Zealand Phillip

That's right, I'm on this trip too! Since Kelly's gotten all the limelight I thought I might post a quick entry. Kel's far more religous in keeping track of our trip than I am. In fact, my paper-journal is weeks behind. I spent an hour updating some of it today. I suppose that's procrastination for you!

We drove from the very scottish Dunedin to Queenstown today. I drove half of it. Rob and I are splitting the driving. What's funny is that the main highway of New Zealand is only one lane in each direction. There's quite a few trucks and so you get to be a bit of a rally-driver and overtake cars. I like that bit! :)

Dunedin was nice. The hostel we stayed in was very Scottish. Old creaky floorboards and low ceilings. Reminded me of my old house in Scotland. Today we drove to the world's steepest street and Kelly even managed to convince me to walk down it. I initially resisted (we're paying for the car, why not use it?), but her charm managed to sway me. We also went to Dunedin Castle. I was pretty dissapointed when we drove up, wasn't very big. I think I'm spoiled since Scotland has such fabulous castles, but once we went inside US$6 each) the tour was actually very interesting. The view from the top was fabulous.

The scenery is definately what I'll remember most about New Zealand. The views are simply awesome. Also, there's such variety. From Glaciers to white sand beaches they have it all. Amazing becuase the country is similar in size to the uk (or Florida for you Yanks). NZ barely has 6 million people, but it manages to fit in 48 million sheep! No Scottish jokes there.....

Queenstown (where we currently are) is the home of Bungee Jumping. We're all considering doing it, along with White Water rafting. It's a very high energy city, lots of dangerous things to do and for once we're spending two days here. We've literally been switching cities every day for what seems like weeks and that means getting out of bed and checking out of the hostel by 10am! Much harder than it sounds! I know we're spoiled but the beauty of Queenstown is that tomorrow we get to sleep in! You can't understand how excited I am. To have the same bed for two nights is a first in New Zealand.

Kelly and I have been discussing getting a camper van for Australia
so that might solve the problem.

Wish you guys were here to see all the amazing stuff!

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January 27, 2002

1/27/2002 Queenstown, New Zealand (Phillip)

1/27/2002 Queenstown, New Zealand (Phillip)

Today was another fabulous day. While all of you were sitting at work, or in class, Kelly and I were 3000 feet above sea-level fighting major rapids and trying not to drown. We woke up late (woo-hoo!) and went into town to book some White Water rafting. The drive up there was worth the money by itself. Harrowing cliff edges in a wee mini-bus prepared us for what was ahead. After a few anti- Australia
n jokes the kiwi guides loaded us in boats, clad in life jackets and helmets and off we went! The rapids were amazing, the river was called the Shotgun and the shores were lined with old gold mining equipment. The Shotgun river is actually the worlds second richest river in gold. We took lots of pictures as we almost drowned. In fact, our boat was the best and none of us were thrown overboard, although both Kelly and I opted to jump into the icy cold waters. A fabulous time!

After that we booked bungee jumping for tomorrow (71m/229ft) ought to be good! Tomorrow is also my (Phillip's) birthday so it would NOT be a good day to die. Kelly says she'll be wearing her extra-thick underwear for the day too.

Finally we took the Gondola up the mountain and did Luge. Basically you all get in these little go-kart type things and race down a concrete course. Kelly and Jayne managed to smack into the side of the track rather spectacularly as Phillip cruised to 4 out of 5 victories!

Need to get some sleep tonight before we step off a bridge tomorrow! Hope our mothers can sleep well tonight!

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January 30, 2002

1/28/02 Queenstown to Franz Josef

1/28/02 Queenstown to FraNZ Josef Glacier (Kelly)

Happy Birthday to Phillip..boy did we celebrate! Well if you call celebrating by throwing ourselves off a bridge 71m (229 ft) high with nothing but rapant rapids below and a rubber band attached to your ankels...the infamous bungy jump!
It's funny because we had arraanged an order prior to getting to the site...Idon't exactely remember the order but I do know that I did not want to be FIRST or LAST so I chose 3rd. Robert absolutely did not want to be 1st. Both of us were about to crap our pants...we were definitley the most nervous of the group. So we get up to the bridge at Skipper's Canyon after another hour ride around on the narrow road we took yesterday rafting. The guide guy gives Rob ankle harnesses and said "your first mate!" Rob looked like a ghost. Talk about thinking the poor guy was going to throw up, wow! So it winds up being heaviest to lightest...yup, I'm last. I think this was the worst place to be because the anticipation was absolute torture. I had to wait for 6 pople to jump before I got to go.
So it finally as my turn. "OH SHIT," was my only response when the guy asked me are you ready. I crawled between the poles of the bridge onto the bungy platform, harness on. He made me sit down so he could attach the bungy cord and explain to me where to hook the cord to pull me up once I was dangeling in mid air. My heart was going 90 miles an hour. So here it was...I stood up, clinching the pole next to me. The guy drops the bungy down so that I had to put my feet at the end. I couldn't look down. I just starred at the trees. "3,2,1!" I heard the guy say to me. The next thing I knew I was in mid air with nothing below but water, screaming my head off, just waiting for the bungy to snap/pull me back up. Once it did this I bounced, but let me tell you, it definitely was not little. I got to do it all over again, only this time it was probably only 90 ft. This was the second scream. I fumbled around for the cord I was suppose to pull and clip on but it took me a second to find it. You have to remember I was hanging upside down by my feet. Finally I got my equipement right and I was sitting up in my harness. It was beautiful scenery if only I could have taken it in...at this point I was just trying to retreive a normal breathing patter. The guy reeled me in...Thank God it was over! Once I was on stable ground, I had to say, it was cool--definitely exhilerating, glad I did it...but I swear I am never dioing that again, EVER!!
Later on in the afternoon we packed up the car once more and headed for FraNZ Josef Glacier. This tommorow's activity. Jayne and Robert bought Phillip's ticket for the half day tour for his birthday.

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1/29/02 Franz Josef Glacier to

1/29/02 Franz Josef Glacier to Greymouth (Kelly)


We were all exhausted last night so we wound up not going out for birthday beers...of course, this was upon Phillip's request! We stayed in and went to bed...had to wake up by 7:15am in order to be at the glacier tour building by 8:30. Once we checked in, were fitted for boots, and handed our ice talonz we boarded a bus that took us approximately 1.5 km away from the glacier. We hiked up a never ending slope with a lot of loose rocks and sand flying ever where. The boots we haqd on weighed a ton. I felt like I was lugging around a dead body strapped to my feet. After walding forever, climbing up ladders and repelling down hills, we finally made it to the ice. Infact, the first thing Phillip says (one of his classic stupid jokes) "I only see ice, where is the glacier?!!" HA HA HA! The glacier was very impressive. We were standing on solid ice with a bunch of crevasses and crater in it. For a while ice as all you could see. I had never seen anything quite like this except for in textbooks. Believe it or not, we were in shorts!
We returned to our YHA...and we're off to Greymouth. We did go out for some drinks in Greymouth for Phillip's birthday...he thought this was legit because it was still his birthday back home! Before we got to the pub Jayne had a swell idea that today was going to be the day that I learned how to drive a standard car...this was a laugh :-) I actually did okay except for the part where I kept stalling!!
This was our last night with Jayne and Rober. They are dropping Phillip and I off tommorrow in Nelson so we can get ready for a 4 day trekk on the Abel Tasman Track. We'll see them again once we get to Melbourne though!

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1/30/02 Greymouth to Nelson (Kelly)

1/30/02 Greymouth to Nelson (Kelly)

After a lazy morning and a 5 hour drive to Nelson, Phillip and I bid farewell to Robert and Jayne. Phillip adn I were absolutely wiped for the last two weeks. OUr plan in Nelson really is to do nothing...we need some R&R!! We watched a movie, ate dinner, and went to bed...this was definitely good for a change!

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1/31/02 Nelson, New Zealand (Kelly)

1/31/02 Nelson, New Zealand (Kelly)

Hey folks...I have posted 3 or 4 days so scroll down to the 28th and work your way up for the latest update!

Another lazy day before we set out on the Abel Tasman Track tommorow for 4 days. I'm actually writing this sitting in a garden of an Angelican Cathedral on top of a hill...a good place to 'cop a squat.' We have rented our camping gear, bought our groceriers for the trekk, and did some laundry. Our bus leaves at 10:30am so we actually have another 'sleep in day' tommorow, whoo hoo!

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