September 02, 2002

8/30/02 Oslo, Norway (Phill) Seriously,

8/30/02 Oslo, norway (Phill)


Seriously, I think I\m the luckiest traveller ever. Okay, a bit much, but things just seem to come together. I arrive in Oslo and waiting for me is an email from a girl called Mari. I met Mari in Vietnam as part of the Norweigen contingent I met. Anyway, email has her phone number and says to call when I get here. I think she was a bit shocked that I called the same day she emailed me!

I spent Saturday morning wandering around museums. THe big one was the Resistance Museum which documents norways role in WWII. Basically, the Nazis took over the country thinking that this is how the Allies would try to attack them. The King was evacuated to the uk and the whole museum was basically talking about the British Role in saving norway and keeping it afloat. Really, I know its cheesy but it did make me proud to be British (Im still Scottish first!). Very cool stuff, afterwards I went and sat on the castle walls which overlooked Oslos harbour. Wow, perhaps the most beautiful city I`ve been in.

Anyway, I went to meet Mari around 1 o`clock. She had been out at a party the night before so I didnt think it was smart for us to meet in the morning :) Its funny cause I didnt get to know her too well in Vietnam and I really wish I had. She`s defiantely a cool chick (I`m not just saying that cause she let me crash at her pad). We spent the afternoon chiling in a few bars by the harbour. I swear she knows everybody in this city! I spent the whole day interrogating the poor girl since I knew nothing about her. It was like 2,000 questions!

That night we went and bought a pizza. This is the example of how expensive this country is, a large takeout pizza from a chain was just over 30dollars/euros. Crazy, then the shops here close at 6pm so you cant buy beer. We were off to a party that night but luckily Mari had Vodka... or should I say unluckily?

We met up with another friend of hers on the way to the Party: Christine. Off we all went to a suburb of the city. The party was great, really really like the ones we have back in Austin. I got dragged onto the dance floor (salsa no less), argued US foreign policy, got shots of something Norweigen forced down my throat, and basically got to be Norweigan for a night. Afterwards we went to a local bar where some guy at the next table was trying to tell me why i didnt like norway. Except I kept telling him i did. Crazy person I think. Then we headed to Christines apartment at like 4 or 5am and chatted for a while. Somehow I managed to convince myself that I shouldnt take my train that I had reserved for 8 the next morning. Actually the clincher was that the girls were going to Veg the following day. Basically just drag a bed in front of the TV, stock up on junk food and watch movies. C`mon, can you possibly imagine that I`d say no to that? Cute Norweigen girls and junk food? So I skipped my train and stayed another day. It was just the solution. Totally relaxed for a day, watched Nurse Betty and Oceans Eleven (see Kel! I got to see it finally). Although my hangover combined with 8 hours of junk food perhaps made for a bad combination :)

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9/2/02 Alesund, Norway (Phill) I

9/2/02 Alesund, norway (Phill)

I left Oslo this morning on the train I was supposed to catch yesterday. I am kinda rushing a little bit butnot like I was last week. I have to be in Helsinki for the 9th to get my Russian Visa in time for the 16th (when my friends arrive from America). Anwyay, norway is famous for one big thing: Fjords! Alot of toursts go to Bergen because its the easiest way, but after chatting with some people I found out that Alesund is far more untouched. So I jumped on a few fancy trains (nicest trains Ive ever been on) and got here this afternoon. Problem is that the hostel is closed! Dont worry I called ahead, theyll open tonight but I have a few horus to kill. Just walking around this tiny wee town is great, its postcard scenery all around. Georgous, tomorrow I`ll hike up one of the mountains for the best view. Then the following day i pass though Trondheim (medevil town) on my way to the arctic circle. Yup, Arctic Circle. Heres little me with my tiny backpack of shorts and tshirts and I`m heading past the snowcapped peaks here and off to colder days. Should be good. I actually do have a bit of a cold recently but the sniffling keeps me warm!

The plan is to go as far north as Narvik which is pretty blooming far. Oslo is actually closer to Rome than Narvik and I\ll be above both Sweden and Finland
. Its defiantely the Arctic. Since I was in the Antarctic region in south NZ this ought to be similar? Anyway, then a long 18 hour train to Stockholm.

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September 03, 2002

3/9/02 Trondheim, Norway(Phill) You know,

3/9/02 Trondheim, norway(Phill)

You know, you have to give this country one thing, they`ve embraced the Internet. All libraries here have free access, how cool is that? So I didnt manage to stay an extra day in Adalsnes unfortunately. After doing the math I need to keep moving to make it to Helsinki and Russia on time.

Last night, after speaking to the only other hosteller in my hostel (has space for about a hundred) he told me I should take a walk before it gets dark. He knew of some abandoned road that they had discovered the day before. Basically, you walk along by the current road and then ignore all the safety signs and cut up along this overgrown road nearby. Had to do it. So I`m by myself and I start following this road. The weather is pretty miserable with thunder and lighting across the lake. I follow the road until it basically stops in a concrete wall. This is the old tunnel that has been closed and replaced by a new one. Pushing open the door is just freaky cause it feels like a horror movie. Of course I didnt bring my torch which turns out to be bad. Inside you can`t see anything immediately in front of you. In the distance the tunnel continues and you can see lights. The problem is the ground is uneven and you dont know if theres a hole right in front of you. Anyway, I walk in and use my camera flash to make sure I`m not going to die. The tunnel is filled with all sorts of wierd abandoned stuff like caravans and construction equipment. It`s not water drips from the roof and down my back that I get too freaked out and turn back! Anyway, it was fun.

Jumped on a couple of trains this morning and right now I`m in Trondheim waiting for a night train to Fauske in the Arctic Circle. My plan is to catch a famous train (used during the war by the nazi`s to transfer Iron Ore from norway to Sweden) to Stockholm. If you look on a map like Europe/norway/norway.html you`ll see just how far North I am going. It`s definately getting colder. Everytime the doors on the rtain would open it felt colder!

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September 05, 2002

5/9/02 Stockholm, Sweden (Phill) Okay,

5/9/02 Stockholm, Sweden (Phill)

Okay, Ive spent the past two days on buses and trains through the Arctic Circle. Ill tell you what, its bloody cold up there! I took a private rail line from Narvik to Stockholm. It was pretty cool, slow, but that let me look at the scenery. The train had an Observation Car and the carriges were taken from the old Orient Express, so that was all cool. Anyway, in Stockholm, saw the Vasa today which was a ship that sunk in 1628 and they found about 50 years ago preserved by clay. I liked it!

Im staying in a hostelboat that floats in the harbour, 12 people in the room though so well see how that goes.

Anyway, my email just came up and I have 32 since two days ago and i only paid for 30 minutes of internet!!!!!!!!! Oh also, my business friends (well anyone) check out my resume ( and click on resume instead of phill and kells world tour) and let me know your suggestions.

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September 08, 2002

8/9/02 Turku, Finland
(Phill) Well,

8/9/02 Turku, Finland

Well, I spent thenight on a very nice ferry to get here. Dead cheap too, in fact the ferry was cheaper than my hostel, and much much nicer :) Im not a big fan of Sweden. It wasnt bad but I definately preferred norway. I spent two days in Stockholm and one in Gotenberg. The Techincal Museum in Stockholm was decent though, although it was like one big ad for Ericsson.

Anyway, Im in Turku for the morning and Ill see the few sights here and then catch a train to Helsinki. Tomorrow I start the arduous task of getting a visa for Russia. Were going for a week, but right now Moscow is covered in smoke from the forest fires so it ought to be interesting. I chatted to a guy last night on the boat who has a place in St Petersberg and goes there weekly and he suggested not going to Moscow. Id really like to see Moscow though, so Ill play it by ear.

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September 10, 2002

10/9/02 Helsinki, Finland
(Phill) Sorry,

10/9/02 Helsinki, Finland

Sorry, another quick one. Beeninhelsinki for a few days. Had lots of business to take care of, primarily final arrangement for Russia and Africa
. Still waiting for my friends toget their visas sorted out so I hope thatll go okay,. Tought to tell yet.

Helsinki has been okay, met some nice guyson the first day so went out with them. The hostel is actually part of the old olympic stadium which is really cool. Havnbt done any museums or muchof the tourist stuff cause I just wanted to take abreak from all that and relax. I even went and saw men In Black II yesterday. Im oretty exhausted and kind of looking forward to my 5 days in London at theend of the month. Its anice city though, very friendly. Im bookedon a sleeper train tonight back up to the Arctic Circle. An Australia
n, Robert, is probably coming with me.

yeah, thats about it. The Russian Visa thing was really mucheasier than I thought it would be. Although they still have my passport and I hate not having it with me at all times.

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September 12, 2002

Oulu, Finland
(Phill) Well, I just

Oulu, Finland

Well, I just got back from being in the Arctic Circle again. We were in Lapland yesterday, home of Santa Claus.Yup, we saw his house and everything! It was all, of course, commericialized but fun. On the train there (rovanelli) I met a couple more Aussies and ended up hanging out with them the whole time. So its me, Richard (met in Helsinki), Leeann and Andy. I went out last night with the boys to a local Finnish pub and had a few drinks. Great time, turns out Andy and I have a heck of a lot in common.

This morning we dragged Rich out of bed; he had not survived the .6L beers very well. Hopped on an early train to Oulu, and found out there's not much to do here. Rich is still passed out at the other end of the library, but the rest of us are in good form. Much better form than this silly library whose keyboard doesnt have a working space bar!

The hostel here was closed to Im on an overnight train back to Helsinki tonight. Going to try and see if the Russian embassy has finished my visa and maybe pop to Talinn, Estonia for a couple of days. If not Ill take a train up tot he lake district and hangout there. Finland
is a great country. Its really like a part of Russia that has been dragged into the 21stcentury. A lot of the people look very Russian along with some of the buildings, but its undoubtedly Scandinavian. Lots of blonde girls and cell phones. The weather is a bit nippy, but apart from spilling a whole coke on myself the other day my clothing is holding up well.

Argh, and my email isnt working today!

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September 15, 2002

15/9/2002 Helsinki, Finland
(Phill) Phew!

15/9/2002 Helsinki, Finland

Phew! Okay, made it back to Helsinki in one piece. Spent the past few days traveling south in Finland
. I took trains through Oulu, Tampere and Turku again. Basically theres a bit of a beds shortage in this country right now since most of the hostels are closed for winter so we had to hop on a train last night to Turku just for a bed. No biggie though, my railpass means that all the trains are free and the more I use it the more I feel it was good value. :)

Tampere was decent, I actually saw two worthwhile museums: The Lenin Museum and The Spy Museum. Obviously the Spy Museum was my favorite, lots of spying gadgets and stories. I even discovered that my credit cards all have cool things on them when flashed under a black light, although the Bank Of Scotland card was by far the best....

Back in Helsinki to meet up with John and Lindha tomorrow. They fly in from Texas at 10pm tomorrow night. Im still not sure if they managed to get their Russian Visas so my passport is still at the Russian Embassy awaiting pickup. If they havent got their and dont want to splash out the $75 for a fasttrack visa then Ill go and try and get my money back from the embassy. If thats the case we can hop on a ferry to Estonia and Latvia which wouldnt exactly be bad.

Its strange to think that in two weeks Ill be in Africa
! I still have things to do though, need to buy a sleeping bag (the whole month is in tents..) and hope that the few pages in my passport are enough for all the visas I need. The company says I require at least 12 free pages and I barely have 4! I swear my passport has gone from this orderly thing with few stamps to a crazy stamp over previous stamp policy. These border guys just stamp away like crazy sometimes!

My tiny wee backpack is also getting emptier and emptier as clothes wear out and I give away books. My MP3 player is still dead but Ill take care of that in London. Umm, yeah, if you havent noticed Im bored today! Met a cool Canadian that I hung out with in Turku and Ill likely see him since he lives near the town Im visiting in December (Edmonton, Canada). Actually Im thinking more and more about snow, its pretty cold here today but I really want some snow. Im thinking Canada in the middle of December ought to provide that! Hopefully I can find an Iceland Air flight so that I can get a few days in Iceland (one of the few countries I really felt I *had* to visit this year). I met some lovely Icelandic girls in Greece who offered to entertain me.

Yeah, okay, back to work (for you, not me! :)

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September 17, 2002

17/9/2002 Helsinki, Finland
(Phill) Well,

17/9/2002 Helsinki, Finland

Well, after waiting for a couple of hours for the arrival of his late flight, which he wasnt on, John finally showed up on another flight. So John and Lindha are here and Im once again surrounded by American Accents! Actually its great to have John here, hes instantly putting my self-esteem back down to a reasonable level :)

We went to the Russian Embassy this morning and hopefully by throwing a bunchof money in fees at them we should end up with Visas and hopefully be able to go tomorrow. Well see, were waiting for some paperwork to get faxed to an agency right now. Lindha isnt feeling to great and has thrown up a few times already, must be all that flying. So far everything is good. Ill let you know how the Russian thing goes, nothing is simple with Russia.............

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September 18, 2002

18/9/2002 St Peterburg, Russia! (Phill)

18/9/2002 St Peterburg, Russia! (Phill)

Yeah baby! Russia.... So we made it, no real problems getting here. Wow is St Peterburg cool. Well, cool isnt the right word, its actually very intimidating, every building is grand and formidable. When we arrived it was raining so Lindha, John and I walked in the rain. I had drawn a lovely map on my wrist so I could avoid looking like a tourist as we walk. Russia is pretty notorious for backpackers getting in serious trouble, either with the police or just bad people. I heard all sorts of stories in Finland
from people coming the other way, most of them involved the police threating backpackers into giving them money. Luckily theres three of us so that helps.

We found our hostel, but when we arrived the building was pitch dark. We walk in a halway from the street and I can hear a lady talking to me but I cant see her cause of the lack of light. Wehn iget closer theres basically jsut this pale white head floating in front of me (she was wearing dark clothing which I couldnt see). Totally crazy. We eventually managed to fumble the meaning of her Russian and foudn the hostel nestled away on the fourth floor. John and I agreed this is exactly how we expected a Russian building to look like: high ceilings, cold rooms, and echos.... Lindha is in the girls dorm and john and I bumped into one of the aussies I knew in the boys dorm.

After dumping off our stuff we headed (is that a word?) out to the Mikhail Castle. Navigating roung St Petes is dead easy, big, wide streets, the only problem is trying to read the Russian street names. e found the castle, except it was closed for renovations. So we moved on and found th giant Russian Museum. Basically a massive art gallery, it was full of Russian paintings. Not really my scene, but it was still impressive. At this point I was pretty starved so we hunted down a Georgian resteraunt that the Lonely Planet book recommended. Not bad food, bit oily, but it filled me up.

We found a 'department store' but not erally. Remember the old movies where people walked in a store and stood behind a counter. They would ask teh storekeep for what they wanted and he's climb a ladder behind him and pull things off the shelf... yeah they still use that here.......... The store we were in was not aimed at ordinary Russians (we spent their weekly salary on chocolate and drinks) but more at the old communist beaurocrats. Lots of Caviar and imported Western goods, although we cheaped out and bought Russian chocolate. Big mistake..... Not good, it tasted kinda like Hersheys, so hardly high quality. :)

Most important impression of Russia so far?: the woman are georgous!! John seems to think its the eyes, but I think it's the attitude. They all seem to be totally unavailable, but in a wierd way, available at the same time. Quite confusing. Anyway, any of the high school friends of mine will remember the Scotland scale and we've been using that all day!

Tomorrow we're headnig out to The Hermitage. It's a massive museum with 2.8million objects. According to the book if you even glanced at each object it would take over 9 years to see the whole collection................ Should be fun.

Our plan is to stay here for two nights and on the third night hop on an overnight train to Moscow, stay one night there and take a couple of overnight trains back to Helsink in order to make our flight on the 23rd back to London. Russia is cool so far. I'll send out another postcard batch tomorrow so if you havnt had one from me yet email me your address. Off to bed now...............

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September 19, 2002

19/9/2002 St Petersburg, Russia (Phill)

19/9/2002 St Petersburg, Russia (Phill)

Well, you'll never guess where I just got back from (well, at least I HOPE you'd never guess): The Ballet. We're in Russia and this is defiantely one of the things they do very well so we went. We saw Swan Lake and we got brilliant seats too. It was a good end to a good day. In the morning we stufed ourselves with the free breakfast and I boiled and reboiled the coffee (Russian water..). Then we slowly made our way to the train station to get our tickets for Moscow. All of St Pete's is under construction since next year is their 300th aniversary;The trainstation is no exception. Nobody speaks english or so they say. We found a ticket office and after asking the girl if she spoke english and she signaled no, we pulled out her map and tried to fumble directions. Well, all of a sudden she started speaking english! We got our tickets.....

Afterwards we walked along and found The Hermitage, the size is immense! Just outside we bought some old Russian samps and coins from some shady guy. The Hermitage itself is really immense, since i'm not a big art person I spent most of the time looking at the famous artists: Rembrant, Picasso, Henri, Matisse etc.... I should note that I did it by myself. I kinda needed a break and some quiet time. I really prefer doing this stuff at my own pace. It's actually quite frustrating now having to make sure that other people want to do what I want to do etc... I mean travelling by yourself has tons of advantages, certainly some drawbacks. It'll be strange to be stuck in a group next week for Africa
, not sure if I'm ready for that or not!

Happy Birthday to my mum! Shes turns 28 (again???) today!

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September 21, 2002

9/22/2002 Moscow, Russia (Phill) Okay,

9/22/2002 Moscow, Russia (Phill)

Okay, this one will have to be pretty quick since there's only one machine in the hostel and it ain't exactly blazin'! We took the overnight train to Moscow last night, I had heard soooo many horror stories about this train that we were all on alert. Immediately the conductor tried to pull the old 'keep your ticket and therefore charge you later for not having one' trick but I saw that one pulled in China and Slovenia so we were okay. Once we got in our carrige we locked the door with the supplied lock, another lock that Lindha had and then a coat hanger for extra noise :) Totally overkill and we knew it but I think we were all a little entertained by ourselves.

The train ride was okay, it wasn't smooth at all though, not sure how many times Lindha almost fell out of the top bunk but none of us got to much sleep. By the time we arrived in Moscow this mornign we were all a little exhausted. After walking and taking the brilliant metro we found our hostel. Since I've been carying Lindha's backpack and it's built for cute little Asian girls, it was tearing my shoulders apart! So I wasglad when we finally found our place and I could get it off me.....

Out we went to Red Square, very very very very cool. Really it's everything that it's cracked up to be. Interesting side note, it's not called Red Square becuase of communism but rather that the word for beautiful in Russia is similar to the english word red. Afterwards we went to St Basils (you've seen pictures of this, trust me) and over to the Kremlin. I didn't bump into Mr Putin, but I was looking!

Russia is a strange world, dirty, corrupt, dangerous but yet totally enthrawling. You never feel totally safe but you learn to like it.

Tonight we actually ended up eating at a 'Texan' resteraunt, long story and it defiantely wasn't our first choice but it's been a long day of walking after a long night of no sleep. John and me are managing to manage our differences better, I was pretty mad at him the first day but now it's getting better. We had a chat......

Tomorrow we're going to try and meet up with some of my Australia
n friends (fom Finland
) who happen to be here at the same time, but it's a bt doubtful. First and foremost though we need to get our visa's registered. We can't leave the country without getting this done and it's proving to be a bit of a difficulty. Apparently paying a bribe to a hotel tomorrow will take care of it though, have to love the Soviets.... Hopefully the next one I'll be safely out of this country. Sent of 5 postcards yesterday and bought the other 12 today, so check your mail!

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September 24, 2002

22/9/2002 Moscow, Russia (Phill)

22/9/2002 Moscow, Russia (Phill)

I've decided that I preferred visiting Moscow in terms of sights, but there's NO way I could live here! This city reeks corruption. In between that are some spectacular sights, not least the Kremlin and Red Square.

On the second day here we managed to sleep in until 11am! Quite a feat in a hostel, trust me. Our roommates were pretty cool and managed to not wake us when they got home.

We never managed to make it to the infamous 'Hungry Duck bar' (anyone who reads Maxim will know this one) but we did manage to meet up with my Aussie friends from Finland
Andy and LeeAnne. We were supposed to meet them at 1pm, except waking up at 11 made this difficult. Couple that with the fact that we still hadn't registered our visa's and couldn't legally (without risking bribes) leave the country without this being done. Next problem was that it had to be done at a hotel on the outskirts of Moscow. So we hopped on the truely brillaint Moscow Metro (the stations are phenomonal, see, and trains come every one to two minutes) to the 'burbs. This was a very different environment from the tourist areas where a coke costs $2. This was decrepid and very poor. We were surrounded by bray tenament buildings cracking and crumbling. We refused to get in the first elevator that arrived at the building since we KNEW we wouldn't make it to the 15th floor.

In the end the visa's were straightforward and as long as you paid the $10 you became 'legal' again. The whole system is a big scam but you can't risk being refused at the border and shipped back to Moscow!

We met up with the Aussies as they were leaving Red Square, they had waited almost 40 minutes for us and we were lucky to bump into them. Grabbed lunch and compared notes, they're a great couple of kids. They both have been living in London for the last bit, and although Leeanne is heading back to Oz I'll expect to see her on her US tour in 2004! Andy I'll see in November when I pass back through London.

Once again we missed Lenin's tomb, well I wouldn't say we 'missed' it, just didn't see it! Oh yeah, on the way out of the Metro station a cop grabbed me and started interrogating me. He was met with some blank stares from me and I mumbled 'angleski! nyet Ruski!' he smiled and waved me on. We saw TONS of people, particularly the Japanese being harassed by the police. Basically it's just a big excuse to wrestle some money out of you. We survived by keeping our heads down, and probably becuase we blended in a bit more than the Japanese!

Before we left Helsinki we had booked our train back to Finland
(since we were cutting it very close for our flight to London), however, there wasn't a free bed on the direct train to Helsinki so we had to book an overnight to St Pete's and after a two hour layover a morning train to Helsinki. We knew it'd be exhausting and if anything went wrong we'd miss our flight.

We got on our train no problems, even made the girl ticket lady laugh. Just before leaving a Russian come's in our cabin and obviously has reserved the spare bed. I swear all Russian men look shady and this guy could've been right out of the Soprano's. However, it turned out he spoke quite a bit of English and was a totally decent guy. I felt quite ashamed for having judged him so quickly. He translated for us and happily chatted away. Turned out he was a Russian Wrestler (he was the same weight as me), had medalled in the Olympics (proudly letting us know he had beaten an American) and was know president of the corporation that imports Pringles Chips into Russia.

Totally decent guy, we chatted for ages. He was actually from the ex-soviet state of Georgia. Anyone following the news knows that the US just shipped a bunch of Military Advisors there basically to help Georgia defend itself against the Russians. John and I asked endless questions about Georgian/Russian relations, what they think of America, Iraq, Afghanistan etc... Poor guy!

All of our train connections went fine. On the train to Helsinki actually was some 80s rock star, I didn't know him but he looked the part! His name was Guy something and he had a one hit wonder in the 80s and had been playing a couple of gigs in Russia. They played some of their music for me and it wasn't bad, but VERY 80s!

Flight from Helsink to London went off hitchless, apart from John pissing off the British Airways staff. Oh yeah, the flight I was suposed to be on (STA managed to get me on the BA flight with John last week, but originally the only seat was on an SAS flight) was cancelled! I wouldn't have made it to London.

Okay, long long posting, sorry bout that. I'm actually in london right now, spent the day with my mum buying stuff for Africa
. Needed a sleeping bag and shoes and tons of random stuff. I thought I had a week in london and have arranged to meet tons of my friends for drinks this week, except it turns out that I only have 3 days till I fly to Dubia in the United Arab Emirates, and onwards to nairobi, Kenya. This time next week I'll be on Safari, how crazy is that?????????

One side note, once you get your postcard from Russia (I sent millions of them) email me and let me know. I want to see which ones made it and which didn't, my Russian cyrillic writing isn't exactly brilliant and the first five I didn't even realise you had to do that so they might not make it (I think they were to the 3 young kids in Austin, Nicole, Mari in Oslo, Christine in Berlin and Feike in Holland, so you guys can email me if you get them).

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September 27, 2002

27/9/2002 London, England (Just) (Phill)

27/9/2002 London, England (Just) (Phill)

Well, I hop on my plane for Dubai in a few hours. I know I'll probably be far more excited once I get on the plane. I won a book in Australia
from a travel magazine about South Africa
so maybe I'll read it on the plane to get myself more enthusiastic.

Okay, as for the mechanics, since I'm actually on a kind-of tour you can lookup the itinerary and some past pictures on the company's website: Africa

Apparently Internet it readily available in Africa
so you won't get much of a break from me, sorry! Also, I got all the pictures fixed so they're back up, you can click on the wee preview version to get a bigger version for those that havent figure that out.

I'm back with my big backpack, not too happy about it, but since I need to carry a sleeping bag/mat etc. I couldn't carry my tiny bag around. Although I did manage to get my tiny bag inside my big bag so when I get to South Africa
I can dump it off and travel light again.

Think that's it, off to the airport!

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